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启动“WordPress的主题 – 主题为Startsups

发表于 17, 2012 通过 CroMag公司

StartUp WordPress Theme StartUp WordPress Theme   Theme for Startsups



StartUp WordPress Theme Overview


So you’re running a startup? Nice! We all know how much work it is, and having to focus on creating one of those clean, extremly good looking startup websites doesn’t make it much easier. That’s why we created the StartUp theme!

Whatever product you’re inventing we got the template for you. iPhone and iPad apps, web apps and desktop apps. And of course, regular, non-digital products.

We also took the time to create all the sections a startup could need, like Team and Jobs. We thought some coming soon pages and a blog could be useful, so we got that covered as well.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this template and get started already!


StartUp WordPress Theme Features


  • Phone 5 template included
  • Built with Bootstrap
  • 包括iPhone和Mac的图形, 你必须改变屏幕.
  • 里面的设备的图像旋转木马.
  • 即将收录网页.
  • 16 自定义简.
  • 文档中的截屏
  • Frongpage - iPhone 4S
  • 头版 - iPhone 5
  • 头版 - MAC
  • iPad的头版 -


启动WordPress的主题演示 & 下载


StartUp Theme for Startup Website 640x411 StartUp WordPress Theme   Theme for Startsups

你可以得到这个启动WordPress的主题 – 小于的Startsups和设置您的网站的主题 $50 启动主题. 这个主题是我们的建议. 请确保您检查演示和下载页面获取更多信息.
你知道吗,我们强烈建议 优雅的主题 和独特的高级WordPress的主题从主题森林市场. 不要问我们为什么? 到优雅的主题和主题森林市场, 看到自己是什么这两个WordPress的主题目录可以为您提供. 为了节省更多的, 优雅的主题 – 你付出 $0.50 每个主题有. 在此注册典雅的主题



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